The EBCS insurance brokers responsible for providing all EBCS coaches with Civil Liability Insurance have advised the following:

An individual (volunteer), who may not be qualified nor a member of the EBCS, who is assisting a Coach would be covered by that Coach’s Insurance Liability provided that the Coach is in attendance at all times and is therefore deemed to be in control of the activity.

Additionally and where a Club holds an “Open Day”/ ”Come and try it Session” it would be the Club Insurance that would be the primary cover operative on the day.

The EBCS reminds all Clubs and Coaches of the following:

A Level One coach (Foundation) must adhere to the terms and conditions applied in the EBCS Coaching Manuals. A Level One Coach has not taken the Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults module required in Level Two.

The role of a Level One Coach is the foundation coaching of adults.

However, a level One Coach may assist a Level Two or higher Coach, when required, on areas above the Level One “Areas of Competence”.