1. The Personal Data (ie any personal details which can be used to identify an individual member: including name; address, telephone number; email address etc) will only be used by the EBCS for the purpose of contacting a member and supplying them with the paperwork on joining or documentation when renewing or upgrading.

2. The Personal Data of any member who does not renew her/his membership will be deleted from EBCS’s records as soon as possible after we have become aware that she/he has decided to retire/ is deceased. Lapsed members after a year will be deleted from our records.

3. If an email is in the nature of a circular to a group of members, all those members will be blind copied and not open copied.

4. Except as described above, no Personal Data of any member will be disclosed by EBCS to anyone (even another member) without the express consent of that member.

5. EBCS will not use Personal Data which it holds except for the purpose of the society’s activities.

6. On the request of a member EBCS will provide to her/him full details of the Personal Data held about her/him.

7. All members will be made aware of this Privacy Policy and a copy provided to any member on her/his request.  Details of the Policy are also available on the EBCS Web-site - see Rules and Regulations