There seems to be a lot of misinterpretation of the Bowls England Statement issued a few weeks ago about EBCS Coaches and EBCS qualifications not being recognised.

The Bowls England/EIBA/BDA  statement, if read quickly seemed to give the impression that any qualification was not accepted.  However, if the statement is read carefully, particularly the last paragraph states

“Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association will continue to recognise the accreditation of current coaches who may have undertaken coach education through other bodies (apart from the BDA) before 2016”.

So any existing coach’s training is RECOGNISED by BE and EIBA and any existing coach need not worry!

From the EBCS point of view:
The EBCS is NOT in any sort of competition with Bowls England (and the BDA through Coach Bowls).
It is a democratic Society fully controlled in ALL its activities by its own members. They determine what it does and not any sport governing body.
Clearly bowls clubs cannot be FORCED to arrange that ALL NEW coaches undertake training and qualification through Coach Bowls. ALL clubs will remain quite at liberty to use bowls coaches trained to the very high standards of the EBCS.
The EBCS will continue to provide very valuable insurance cover (including a retroactive facility not fully available anywhere else).
It will continue, via its own coaching resources (training, examinations etc.) to provide a FIRST CLASS coaching service to ALL bowlers and bowls clubs whenever and wherever its services are required.
Membership, training and examination fees will continue to be kept at very sensible and affordable costing levels when compared with coach training costs etc. payable elsewhere

Posted: Nov 11, 2015