The Safeguarding course that is now on the website has been used by myself for a number of years. When safeguarding came into coaching I decided that all coaches in my area should be taught to a level where they had an awareness of Safeguarding  Children and Vulnerable adults.

I have also informed my members that they should obtain a qualification which they can obtain on line, or via the local authority of Sport UK

One of the important things to remember is that when talking about abuse many of the examples can fit into one or more of the main four listed abuses. (neglect, emotional, physical or sexual) For example bullying can easily be seen as both physical and emotional.

I ask my coaches to identify the different abuses, then give them the four cards listing the abuses to be placed onto a table. I then give them examples of abuse and ask them to place them under the different headings. I then give them further cards with other examples and ask them to place them under the different heading. As stated above some could fit into more than one heading so don’t be too strict if they are not in the place where you want them to be. (This is safeguarding awareness)

When to use these cards is identified in the Powerpoint Programme.

Online courses that can give an awareness certificate are 



I do hope you find this information beneficial for use with your coaches.


George Fleming Advanced Coach, Durham

A copy of the powerpoint presentation and accompanying notes are available to any licensed coach in request.  In the first instance contact [email protected]

Posted: Apr 2, 2020