A General Meeting of the EBCS was held at Peterborough IBC on 17 April when about 25 members attended from various parts of the country

A new Board was elected:  Vic Waite (Berks), Bernie Millard (Suffolk), Geoff Fitch (Sussex) and Carol Watt-Sullivan (Kent).  The new Board are arranging a meeting shortly to review comments made and deal with general business of the Society.  Under our constitution there are still spaces for several more board members to more widely reflect our coaching membership.  the nomination form is shown on the previous mail announcing the General Meeting.

John Stevens, the Hon Treasurer (co-opted member of the Board) summarised the financial situation of the Society and advised that the accounts (duly audited) will be published on the web-site in due time.  Finances are in a healthy state, prudent management of expenditure having been practiced in recent years.  Mr Stevens also confirmed that our brokers had advised that our Society insurance is valid for all members and will continue to be so (cover is backdated to 1985 when the original policy was set up).

The meeting also discussed the approach made that the Society be subsumed within Coach Bowls (from 1 April 2019, the latter is under the control of Coach Bowls Ltd - with directors from Bowls England and EIBA Ltd).  A lively debate was held with the Acting Chairman (Mr B Millard) ensuring that all had a chance to speak and participate. A number of county bodies had taken on board the views of EBCS Coach members (through postal ballot, electronic communication, feelings at county coaching association AGMs etc) and indicated the views expressed.  The current Hon Secretary had been copied in some of these discussions and had received a large number of postal and electronic messages (including telephone calls).  While some members wished to merge, the overwhelming majority of indicative expressions logged were to remain as we are (independent).  An indicative vote of those attending the General Meeting also expressed the same opinion to remain independent.

The meeting also explored ideas to progress to improve and engage in communication with Coach Bowls Ltd which the Board will seek to progress.

Other ideas to improve communication between county coaching bodies/ associations were expressed which will be taken forward by the Hon Secretary and also discussed with the web-site developer.  Other comments to develop and enhance our EBCS training materials were made and will be explored.

Posted: May 3, 2019