A General Meeting of the EBCS is called to be held at Peterborough & District IBC (through the kind auspices of the club) on Wednesday 17 April from about 11am

In line with procedures nominations (and thus voting)  for posts on the National Coaching Board will also take place and nominations can be posted or emailed to the Secretary using that attached form Nomination for board member (Click on file name detailed before brackets and select open....).   NB: A maximum of seven persons can be duly elected to the National Coaching Board by the registered membership with no individual county entitled to more than one Board representative.

The agenda for the meeting is also attached Agenda general meeting April2019 (click on file name detailed before brackets and select open)

The meeting will also discuss the current situation in regard to Coach Bowls (Controlled by Bowls England and EIBA)   An explanatory paper is attached (click on file name after brackets and select open) Current situation early 2019 re EBCS and Coach Bowls along with the latest press release by Coach Bowls (which is now longer under the control of the BDA) (click on file name after brackets and select open) coach_bowls_intro.

If you have problems with this please contact the Secretary and arrangements will be made to email you copies

Time is also allowed for other relevant business including presentation of the current financial position of the society.

The EBCS as a society belongs to its member coaches and as such any final decisions are made by its member coaches, not by any National Governing Body and as such the National Coaching Board will take its remit from our members.


Posted: Mar 21, 2019