The new cycle of licensing with insurance began on 1 October 2017.  The cost for renewals is £6 this year.  An explanatory letter can be found below and renewal forms can be found under section heading MORE INFORMATION (on main tool bar at top) and selecting MEMBERSHIP FORMS AND FEES and downloading the appropriate form 
Explanatory letter reads: 
Dear Sir / Madam
The EBCS Executive has determined that the cost of licence renewals for the forthcoming year (to the 30th September 2018) will be reduced from the current £9 (nine pounds) per head to £6 (six pounds) per registered coach.
If you pay by Standing Order you are asked to advise your bank accordingly (a replacement standing order is enclosed for your convenience). If you do not already indicate your licence number on the Order Form can I ask that you do so. Doing so will speed up reconciliation of renewals and despatch of relevant paperwork.
If you make a direct payment by cheque of BACS a form is attached for your renewal – alternatively, you may prefer to set up a Standing Order?
If your Club pay for your licence a form will be sent to the last known respondent to enable them to make the appropriate payment.
The very significant reduction has been made possible due to the continuing ‘voluntary nature’ of the work of your Executive Committee (no honoraria payments are made and only legitimate costs are refunded etc).
Civil liability insurance cover – legal liability to Third Parties as defined in the Policy continues to be available to all registered members with a Retroactive Date of the 1st January 1985. This cover is not available elsewhere on the same terms.
Any per head fees in excess of £6 will be retained and set against fees for future years unless a refund is specifically requested

Posted: Nov 3, 2017